Olive Oil, Comfrey, & Calendula - Softly Rugged

Olive Oil, Comfrey, & Calendula

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This is the ultimate healing moisturizer. Olive oil, known as liquid gold in the Mediterranean, is high in antioxidants and holds moisture in while allowing the skin to sweat, breathe and release toxins. Comfrey, high in allantoin, increases cell proliferation promoting healing of dry damaged tissue. The ancient herb Calendula has antiseptic properties and calms irritated red chapped skin.

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Infusion of comfrey,* calendula,* St. John’s wort,* licorice root,* borage,* mallow,* chamomile,* rosehips,* heliachrysum,* olive oil,* coconut oil,* sweet almond oil,* evening primrose oil,* natural emulsifying wax, phenoxyethanol, mannan, edta, vitiman c, vitamin e, essential oils* *organic