Lemon Verbena - Softly Rugged

Lemon Verbena

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This silky lotion conditions the skin with healing comfrey, calendula, licorice root and mallow. Emollient avocado and sweet almond oil leave it soft and supple. Lift the spirit and senses with the fresh light scent of lemon verbena. Guaranteed to make you smile.

8 fl oz


Infusion of comfrey,* calendula,* St. John’s wort,* licorice root,* borage,* mallow,* chamomile,* rosehips,* heliachrysum,* coconut oil,* sweet almond oil,* avocado oil,* evening primrose oil,* natural emulsifying wax, phenoxyethanol, xanthan, mannan, edta, vitamin c, vitamin e, essential oils* *organic