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Cucumber Borage Daily Eye Serum

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This serum is the equivalent of having fresh, cooling cucumber slices on your eyes all day reducing puffiness and bags, and preventing premature aging and fines lines around the eyes.

Borage seed oil has the highest concentration of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) naturally found. GLA is an omega-6 fatty acid responsible for reducing and calming inflammation and encouraging healthy new tissue growth in maturing skin. Fresh cucumber soothes, hydrates and increases blood circulation to tired eyes.

Dab a small amount of this treatment on top eyelid and under eye in the morning and night. Avoid getting serum into eyes. The eyes are a direct reflection of liver health. Drink plenty of fresh water and avoid liver stagnating foods high in sugar, excessive fats, caffeine and alcohol to keep eyes bright, shining, healthy and beautiful.

Our Cucumber & Borage Daily Eye Serum and Evening Primrose Crème are formulated to work together for maximum results.

1 fl oz


Cucumber distillate,* vegetable glycerine,* borage seed oil,* evening primrose oil,* rosehips oil,* vitamin E, phenoxyethanol, guar gum *organic