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Acne Spot Treatment

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This is a unique and powerful treatment for fighting acne and blemishes. It contains no alcohols or peroxides, which actually dry the skin causing more oil production and more breakouts. Red Thyme and Tea Tree oils are powerful antiseptics that strengthen the immune system, allowing it to fight off invading bacteria that can cause acne and blemishes. Eucalyptus and Spike Lavender oils penetrate the skin quickly to reduce redness and inflammation. Glycerin, Aloe and vitamin E condition and soothe the skin while powerful essential oils eliminate acne.


Shake well, cleanse with a cotton ball (avoiding the eyes and mucus membranes), and apply to affected areas. Drink plenty of fresh water and choose a sensible diet with lots of fresh organic fruits and vegetables for clear, radiant skin.


Witch Hazel*,Aloe*, red thyme oil*,spike lavender oil*,eucalyptus oil*, grapefruit seed extract*, vitamin E, vitamin c *organic

1 oz