Rosemary Mint - Softly Rugged

Rosemary Mint

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Let your skin drink in the perfect blend of invigorating rosemary and cool, sweet mint. Rosemary not only has antibacterial properties, it also increases circulation to carry away inflammatory toxic chemicals that leave the skin dull, tired and lifeless. Peppermint and spearmint refresh and awaken the senses and spirit. A blend of moisturizing oils and soothing healing herbs moisturize and condition the skin.

8 fl oz


Infusion of rosemary,* peppermint,* spearmint,* comfrey,* calendula,* St. John’s wort,* licorice root,* borage,* mallow,* chamomile,* rosehips,* helichrysum,* olive oil,* coconut oil,* sweet almond oil,* evening primrose oil,* natural emulsifying wax, xanthan, mannan, edta, vitamin C, vitamin E, essential oils* *organic