Restorative Herbal Healing Events & Workshops


The Practice and Art of Restorative Herbal Healing is a program that offers you a deeper way of thinking, encouraging radical theories of self-healing and ultimately promoting communal healing to take shape in your life, resulting in a transformation of mind, body, and spirit.

The Restorative Herbal Healing 101 Series presents monthly workshops to guide you through creating a holistic routine for you and your family. Each workshop you will learn the "Spiritual Method" and the "Scientific Method" for creating your own at home apothecary. 

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Workshop Intensives Includes:

  • Understanding Restorative Herbal Healing

  • Restorative Herbal Healing 101 Series Workbook

  • Formulating Herbal Apothecary 

  •  Create an Herbal Apothecary in the Workshop To Start Your Own At Home Apothecary

  • Creating an Holistic Daily Routine

  • Q&A

  • On The Spot Consultations    

**PLUS invite only access to private groups and more**

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